There are easy and systematic ways of learning and memorizing.

Ready to jump right in? Start learning the basics.

This site takes the principles from dozens of great books and condenses them into a quick-to-read guide.

Quickly memorize and recall things like:

  • Lists—How to remember lists of groceries, or a chronological list of historical figures (kings, presidents, …).
  • Numbers—How to memorize numbers like credit cards, telephone numbers, or birthdays. Or even digits of π!
  • Names—How to remember names of people you meet or in history class.
  • Vocabulary—How to study vocabulary words in English or a foreign language.
  • Numbered lists—How to remember lists out of order, like the periodic table. (What element has atomic number 79?)

Then, you’ll be able to expand these techniques to learn anatomy, speeches, programming languages, and a lot more!

The first step is to learn how to memorize pairs of items using mental images. This is the core technique used by mnemonic systems for memorizing lists, names, and numbers.

These techniques are a lot of fun, and they can help improve your skills to study faster for school, work, and lifelong learning.